Double Domination

Do you crave to be dominated by not one but two natural dominants? Do you long to be held down by Master's strong arms, kissing the toe of Mistress' Loubiton boots before your legs are spread and the tip of Mistress's strap on moves slowly and deeply into your ass. Used and humiliated and begging for more. 
Do you long to be tied in the corner, cock in chastity watching a dominant and beautiful couple pleasure each other? Or could you see yourself strapped  down watching a dominant have their way with your partner, helplessly watching her squirm in pleasure knowing when Mistress is finished with her she will fuck you in the ass until you can take no more. 
Role Play
Ever fantasied about watching a beautiful couple have passionate sex? A long term partnership, Mistress and Master are skilled at pleasuring each other. Want to see a real power exchange sexual relationship? Mistress is skilled at making Master bend to her will and leave him begging for more. Would you like the privilege of watching this in person? 
Would you like to be kidnapped and taken hooded to an unknown destination to be interogated? Stripped naked and vunerable you are at our mercy, ready to be fucked and broken at our whim. 
Fantasy fulfilment
Session  pricing 

1 Hour: $600   
2 Hours: $900
3 Hours: $1400

Have a fantasy you want fulfiled? Everybody has their own fantasy they keep locked deep inside, let us help you fulfil it.