Have you ever wanted to truly live all your fantasies out in reality? Well we do, and we can help you lives yours too. .

Our services provide the opportunity for individuals and couples to explore their erotic submissive and role play fantasies in a safe and extremely pleasurable environment.  

Your darkest desires can be explored with our unique Mistress/Master partnership. If you crave the ultimate sensory and physical experience for yourself or your partner, if you fantasise about being used by a dominant couple then we are your dark secret. 

Imagine being free to explore your deepest fantasies by submitting to not one but two dominants in a safe environment with absolute discretion assured. 


Mistress and Master are in a long term committed relationship and deeply understand the dark sexuality of each other. 

Mistress is a classic blonde siren, stunningly beautiful and engaging. In her early 30's and a slim size 10, Mistress is a true latex fetishist and natural dominant, her athletic physique, full breasts, long legs (6'2 in her Loubitons) and piercing blue eyes will make it imposssible to take your eyes off her......if she even allows you this privilege. 

Master is a strong, masculine and athletic 6'1 dominant in his late 30's. Handsome and engaging, smooth shaven and very well endowed. 

We enjoy the finer things in life, we are well travelled and command the attention in social situations.